3 Chinese social media you need in 2016

The great fire wall censored most, if not all, main stream social media channels we use on this side of the wall, leaving the market with a bunch of hybrid products that similar to facebook, instagram, etc, yet not exactly. However the unique environment does not make the market any less creative and active. Quite the contrast, there are just as many social media channels with the same speed of technology updating and innovation.

So the question is, which ones should you go with?

If you are a foreign company that want to have a presence in the market. These 3 channels are perfect to start with, remember any of these channels’s MAU is more than many countries combined population, to success in one of the channel would bring you significant amount of sales.

  1. Weibo/Weblog

    Weblog is straight forward. The twitter liking feature, english user interface and thousands of articles explain how it works on internet, all make this the easies channel to tackle. Weblog also provides many paid services including ads and e-commerce platform, for you to take your business to the next level.A good website to get inside of Weblog is  http://www.whatsonweibo.com/, the website update about the trending topics on Weblog, as well as how to get around.3 Chinese social media you need in 2016 wechat weibo douban

  2. Wechat

    Although the name is similar to Weblog, these two are rather different. While Weblog are going for an open atmosphere where most comments and interactions are visible to public, Wechat started as the Chinese version of Whatsapp, primarily used to chat for already known contacts, which makes it rather close.Apart from chat, group chat and all the whatsapp functions, Wechat also offers something called ‘moment’. Similar to Facebook news feed, you can share up to 9 photos or text with your contacts. Note that your contacts can only see others comment if they are contacts with each others.What is really special and relevant if you are consider using Wechat for your brand, is the public account Wechat offers. There are 2 types of account you can choose from: Subscription, service.Subscription is easier to set up and allow you to send to your followers once a day;

    Service account requires a company has legal entity in China, you can send message 4 times every month to your followers, the cool part is you can create buttons that direct to outside links. Say a button that direct to your e-commerce site.

    3 Chinese social media you need in 2016 wechat weibo douban

  3. Douban

    With 200 000 000 MAU, Douban is another major social media in China, yet attract less attention. There aren’t any site like Douban on the other side of the wall, it is

    1. Chinese IMBD, but also for books and music
    2. A smaller Reddit
    3. Myspace like profile
    4. Esty feeling e-commerce plateform
    5. Fancy like product sharing platform

Douban has a lot of other functions and has been attempt to update and add on functions been years, but apart from it’s original function, the company has not yet been lucky enough to develop a new function that stays. Therefore the site might seem a bit messy and hard to understand in the beginning. However that is not the reason you should stop using Douban, as the site attract users with higher education and stronger purchasing power.

As a brand, you can

  1. Set up an account and share photo and/or text focused content on it
  2. Create online/offline events
  3. Consider using their e-commerce channels

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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