Weibo VS Twitter Comparison

Chinese Twitter equivalence Weibo suppressed Twitter MAU in May, 2017¹

Compare Weibo and Twitter, the general idea and core concept are pretty much the same.

But, Weibo is much more commercial focused. These functions are great for social media marketing experts to better engage with the audience.

Today, I will break down these functionalities to better understand how to do Weibo marketing right.

1. Hashtags VS. Topics

Weibo took Twitter’s hashtag, and called it topics.

Instead of having one # in the front, Weibo topics have 2 hashtag, one at the front and one at the end, something like this #topics#.

Brand can claim to be the manager of a Topic page.

For example, H&M claimed the page #onlinesales#, all their sales posts will appear on the #onlinesales# page.

It’s perfect for brands to own the topic of their slogan or brand name.

Manager of a Weibo Topic page can

– Invite related accounts to create a community around the hashtag
– Change the profile picture, cover photo, and page background
– Add a brief introduction for the hashtag
– Pin posts on the hashtag page to highlight top content
– Recommend a post by a fan who shares the hashtag

Topic manager needs to post with the #topic# at least once in every 5 days to keep the position.


2. Subscription 

Unlike Twitter, you can send PM to all Weibo followers once a day, it’s called subscription.

Followers automatically become subscribers. The message allows rich media including: text, photo, music, video and coupons. It is extremely useful when announcing sales campaigns.

3. Weibo Contest Platform

Giveaway and contest are just as popular on Weibo as they are on Twitter and Instagram, if not more.

Weibo’s Contest Platform that allows organisers to select winner qualifications, for example follow the account, or repost the contest post. And they pick winner accordingly.

Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, have strict regulation regarding contest. Personally I think it only hurts the engagement.


If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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