Weibo Marketing Case Study 2017: Best Practices For Brands

The fastest way to excel at something is always to learn from the best.

So I compiled a case study of  3 brands with killing Weibo marketing and branding strategies for business.

Learn about how Durex, Forbidden City and The Beast doing Weibo marketing right.

Case 1. Weibo Marketing through story telling

A flower shop The Beast Shop opened it’s Weibo account in December, 2012. Without online store or even a website, the company successfully managed to reach million sales through over 200k followers in only 8 months.

That is the power of story telling!

The Beast made sure their bouquet is top notch beautiful, and the images is even more so.

But here is the kicker,

The company post about the story behind each customers on Weibo, creating 140-characters stories about love, friendship and families.

For instance, during mothers day, the company post about customers whom bought flowers for their mothers, together with photos of mums and one memory the customer shared.

屏幕快照 2016-05-19 00.09.03
The Beast flower shop post on Weibo about a customer and her mum’s story before Mother’s day 2016

This way, the company not only gained an unlimited source of content, but also connect to the customers in a personal level.

Expand the role Social media plays, from a top-down one-way-communication corporate message board to something that add actual value to the followers and customers.


Case 2. Humor is the best Weibo marketing Strategy

Forbidden City is one of the most remarkable social media success case in the Chinese social media marketing history.

Being the most well known tourist attraction and museum, most people would assume a serious image of Forbidden City, which as it turns out, couldn’t be more wrong!

In fact, the funny content from Forbidden Citys Weibo and Wechat accounts resulted in over millions impression and hundreds of thousands engagement. Making Forbidden City one of the most popular and praised brand on Chinese social media.

Forbidden City use Weibo to show case their collections with a witty twist of modern explanation. The light hearted content not only entertaining but also advocate history knowledges in a easy to understand way.

Forbidden city make fun of Qing dynasty empire 


Every time Forbidden City release new products, they would craft a light hearted, fun reading of a history story, tie it into the products per se. No one say no to a fun read, this strategy present a high rate of organic secondary spread of the content.

Case 3. Being present on Weibo

Durex has always been the epic legend of Chinese social media marketing. The company take advantage of it’s products unique nature, creating content around the topic of intimacy, make sex fun, positive and education.

But it gets better!

What put Durex at the top of their game is their fast and witty reactions to trending topics, doesn’t matter what the topic is, Durex has a way to make is relevant to their products that guarantee a smirk.

Now, many people check Durex Weibo frequently during holidays, big events or breaking news, just to see the brand’s response. Which create irreplaceable branding value.

Durex’s reaction to the new Instagram Icon


Key Take Aways For A Winning Weibo Marketing Strategy 

If there is one thing that significantly different from Chinese social media and the social media marketing on the other side of the wall

It is the fact that Chinese brands are entertaining, they don’t use social media to further strength their brand image, but to create a personality that actually engage with the audience, show something different.

Now it is your turn

Figure out what kind of personality can best caption your brands uniqueness, and how to express that through Weibo’s rich media options.

  1. Being entertain is a prerequisite,  no one comes to social media to read a 10 page article
  2. Relevant and useful, people follow a company’s Weibo because they are interested in the information you provide, give them something that worse their time.
  3. Personal level, make them see theirselves and feel your brand help them define who they are
  4. Have a red thread, it’s either funny posts, or beautiful pics, make sure their is a red thread through all the content, and it is clear to your audience as well. With information overload, no one wants irrelevant information


If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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