Wechat Marketing 101: Find Affordable Wechat Influencer

I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousand of Chinese influencers.

The price varies depends on the collaboration, the brand and the influencer per se.

But one thing is for sure, Wechat influencers are more expensive than influencers on other social media channels.

Today I’m going to show you how I find affordable and effective Wechat influencers.

Are Wechat influencers expensive?

Last week (June, 2017), one of the most influential marketer in China XIAO Masong disclosed the advertising price for his personal Wechat official account:

30 000 CNY for 10 banners

Is this expensive?

Let’s do the math!

XIAO has 200k followers and an average 20k page views for each push up post.

Page view for 10 posts = 20 000*10 = 200 000

CPM= (30 000/200 000)*1000 = 150 CNY (22 USD).

The average earnings per 1,000 ad impressions on AdSense is around $1, is we use this as a benchmark, XIAO’s CPM 22 times more expensive the the average.

*This equation is by no means accurate, only to give an idea


Why are Wechat influencers expensive?

  1. Wechat is an expensive social media advertising platform

    The average price for acquire 1 new follower is around 5-6 euro using Wechat paid ads. Which is not a price most advertisers can afford.

    Therefore, even though Wechat influencers are expensive compare with on other social media channels, it is still cheap compare with the paid ads.

  2. Wechat influencers have higher production cost

    XIAO only takes display ads, but most commonly, collaborate with Wechat influencer means:
    A long post with intriguing background, tons of media content, product descriptions, endorsement, redirect links or QR code and more.

  3. Wechat influencers focus on the conversion

This must be a culture thing.

Many Wechat influencers like to disclose how much they increased sales for the brand, and their followers are apparently happy to help make that happen.

In Asia in general, the idea of idol, KOL and their relationship to the followers are different from this side of the wall, therefore give Chinese influencers more impact over their followers.

For example: One of the most popular KOL Becky’s Fantasy whom charged around 150K CNY for 1 commercial post, disclosed in her Wechat that after publish a bra post, the brand sold for nearly 100K CNY, sucha behaviour is rather rare for Western bloggers.

How to find affordable Wechat Influencers

The same as influencer marketing else where, the best influencers are the ones that most relevant to your niche, a micro influencers can bring much more to the table than a big name.

Here are 3 sites that I use to find micro Wechat influencers.

1. Newrank

Newrank has the most developed ranking systems for Wechat Official accounts. They issue TOP 500 OAs monthly, it is the benchmark for many Wechat marketers.

Base on the ranking system, Newrank developed an influencer platform so that advertisers can find OAs that is the most relevant to them.

The platform provides pricetraffic history and estimated page view.



  1. Register as as Advertiser Owner
  2. Select industry and budget. Newrank will calculate the estimate impression and page views.
  3. Upload the advertising piece
  4. You can either request pricing from a specific OA base on the price listed, or post the task public for interested OAs to get into contact.
  5. As advertiser, you have the right to choose which OAs to work with. Read here for how to do due dilligence for Wechat official account. 



2. We Index

We Index provides OA information like account description, follower numbers, industry, average page views and price.



3. Wemedia

WeMedia doesn’t have self service platform, it require client to contact the sales team.

The platform has a wide range of influencers under its management, which allows WeMedia to be able to offer cheaper price and bulk deals.



3 things to consider for your next Wechat influencer campaign

  1. Do your due diligence
    Read more about how to evaluate Wechat OAs here.
  2. Pick the ones in your niche!
    Wechat  is a closed social media platform, much like Snapchat. Therefore it is really important to find influencers in your niche.
  3. Ask for compensation when the campaign didn’t take off.
    If the campaign didn’t delivery, you can always ask for a compensation from the influencer. It’s a culture thing.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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