Wechat Marketing 101: 3 Types of Wechat Store Setup

The first time I tried to understand Wechat store setup, I was confused!

The second time, too!

To save you from the confusion, I will explain the different Wechat e-commerce platforms, and a quick checklist to find the most suitable Wechat store solution for you!

Integrate web store to Wechat

Integrated web store to Wechat means followers can go to web store using Wechat browser, make it feels like the shop experience happens within Wechat.

The advantage of integrate web store into Wechat official account is the seamless shopping experience, followers don’t need to leave Wechat app to finish the buying process.

Moreover, web stores normally have much more developed stock and CRM management systems, which saves significant amount of resources compare with establish Wechat store.

On top of this, using web store also allows your brand to communicate the same message through visual.

In general, integrate Web store into Wechat is the best option you can have, it is also what most of the established brands do.

What do you need

  • Verified Wechat official service account
  • Enable Wechat Payment
  • Web store with ICP license
  • Cost = free

Wechat Ecommerce platform

The official Wechat ecommerce platform is developed as Wechat’s attempt to get into the C2C market.

Everyday, there are millions small vendors selling products through Moment. Thus Tencent developed it’s own Ecommerce platform. However it never takes off as expected.

One reason being the over simplified functions, which doesn’t allow bulk upload of product information, and limited visual customisations.

It suits better if you have second hand jacket to sell, or if you living in New Zeland and selling baby milk powder to get pocket money.

However, the Wechat official E-commerce platform is just too simple for brand.

Many luxury brands combines Wechat official store with their own web store.

For example Dior and Cartier integrate their official web store into Wechat, allows followers to access and finish purchasing without leaving Wechat. On top of this, they use the official Wechat E-commerce platform to sell promoted products, for example limited editions, or campaigns.

What do you need:

  • Verified Wechat official account
  • Wechat payment
  • Cost = 25 000 CNY for deposite to Tencent

Third party Wechat shops

There are many third party options for opening Wechat shops. The requirement and cost varies depends on the solution.

For example, companies that don’t have an office in China can use third party solutions with oversea payment transfer services.

The most common option for Wechat third part e-commerce solution for local companies is Youzan. Which provides entire e-commerce solution on Wechat.

What do you need:

  • An OA account
  • Enable Wechat Payment

Checklist to help you find the most suitable Wechat store setup

Consider the following questions when deciding

  1. How does your sales tunnel set up looks like? Is Wechat going to be a main sales channel?
  2. How many SKUs do you have, do you want to sell all of them on Wechat?
  3. How are you gonna monitor the stock level and keep it in sync with Wechat store?
  4. Do you have the resources to upload products manually?
  5. Do you have the resources for Wechat store customer support?
  6. Do you have a web store with ICP license?

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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