Wechat Marketing 101: Spot Fake Wechat Influencers in 1mins

On the 29th of Sep, 2016, Wechat performed system upgrade.

Results in the failure of fake follower bots. Many Wechat official accounts, including TripAdvisor, suffered a dramatic decrease on that day’s page views.

Other Wechat official accounts choose to not post on that day, instead posting medias like Video, pictures, which does not show page views. Or simply not updating on that day.

The fake follower industry for Wechat influencers

According to the China Daily report, over 60% of Wechat official accounts’ page view dropped on 28th of Sep, 2016, around 124 accounts decreased over 80%.

Trip Advisor’s Wechat official account normally has 100k+ page views, on September, 28th, the post only reached 20k page views.

The dramatic decrease was caught by medias, TripAdvisor later on deleted the post, but screenshots still remain all over internet.

It is not a secret that Wechat influencers buy faker page views. One agency disclosed that, it is an industry norm to buy fake numbers.

The industry price for Wechat influencers is around 0.5 – 1.5 CNY for every page view, therefore buying fake page views is a easy way for Wechat influencers to gain money.

The demand side of fake Wechat page view

After the system upgrade, many bots failed to delivery, resulted in an increase of bot price on Taobao.

Accordingly, 100k+ page view used to take about a day, for 1000 page views it takes about half an hour for the bot the accomplish. However the system upgrade increased the delivery time up to 3 days for 2000 page view.

Resulted in an increase of price for 60 CNY for 10k page views to 300 CNY for 1000 page views.

Spoke Fake Wechat influencers in 1 minute

The incident creates a perfect source to determine whether a Wechat influencer have fake followers.

  1. Go to any Wechat official account that you consider work with.
  2. Enter the official account
  3. Tap on the 3 dots on the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Select ‘view history’
  5. Go all the way down to September, 28th, 2016.
  6. Check the page view of that day, and 2 days before and after.

This will give a real page view of the account around that time.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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