Wechat Ads 101: Wechat banner is now clickable

Wechat’s display ads has always been display only

Until now,

Finally, the banners are clickable now!

Wechat influencers that host these kind of display ads on their OAs are getting paid by click through.

Let’s go through this new major update for Wechat paid advertising.

Wechat subscription account finally enabled clickable banner 

The new update was first spotted on the 20th, Oct, 2016. Previously, Wechat banners were only for display, which has been a serious issue for advertisers.
A subscription account published a post with a clickable banner in the end. This is the first time clickable banner appeared in subscription account.
Mercedes Benz is the proud advertiser, and the influencer is one of the biggest subscription account in automobile.

Mercedes Benz clickable banner, also the first clickable banner on Wechat subscription account.

A close look at the first Wechat clickable banner

The Benz banner has a CTA button on the lower right side,

A visible ‘sponsored’ tag appeared under the advertiser Benz’s account name, which located on the lower right side, after the brand logo.

When tapping on the CTA, a pop up text explains this new ads form:

This ads appeared because the advertiser of this sponsored ad is a Wechat ads partner, please ‘like’ if you enjoy the ads.

Mercedes Benz clickable banner, also known as the first clickable banner appeared on Wechat subscription account


As many other beta testing functions on Wechat, the clickable banner is Invite only. There is only one screen shot that shows the editing page.


The dashboard for the new ads function beta testing, only available to selected accounts












It is in Wechat’s shareholder report states that, the company is working on strengthen it’s paid advertising function. Wechat hasn’t had much luck with the paid ads, the high price and lack of date make Wechat only available to huge corporations.


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