How YSL sold million lipsticks in China

In October, the uneventful month for  E-commerce where everyone is preparing for Single’s Day, YSL broke the internet by an unconventional Wechat campaign, naming – Ask your boyfriend to gift you YSL Star Clash.

The campaign started by one influential Wechat account post an experiment challenge: asking it’s followers to text their boyfriend for gifting a YSL Star Clash Lipstick. The challenge was quickly accepted by it’s followers and countless screenshots of the boyfriends response appeared on people’s Wechat feed, which attracted more people to join the campaign. YSL Star Clash sold out in most stores soon after the campaign.

Smart VS. Losing it’s integrity 

What is interesting is that, whether the campaign is designed by YSL is unknown. However this is not the first time YSL lipstick break the internet. Back in 2014, rumour has it that YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 52 was the color used in the popular Korean drama, which led to a total sold out of the color and other YSL lipsticks. Even though the TV producing company announced almost immediately that they used a Korean local brand, not YSL, the rumour kept spreading among Chinese fashion, beauty and entertainment influencers. After all, the problem of social media misleading and given wrongful information is nothing new.
The market response, are divided. On one hand, the sales of YSL lipstick is increasing dramatically, some of the best selling colors are among the most mentioned colors on internet, and the brand itself is endorsed by a huge number of fans.

On the other hand, the campaign has been heavily criticised due to the following reasons: 1. Against the feminist trend: Asking boyfriend for lipstick does not quite qualify as a behaviour of an independent woman, critics claim the campaign doesn’t speak to modern independent women. 2. Another group the YSL failed to impress, is the luxury products buyer, as breaking the internet and total sold out also disqualify the brand from being luxury.

In conclusion, well done to break the internet and creating sales magic without big expense,  although might be not sustainable brand wise.

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