Wechat 101: Everything About Wechat Mini Program

What is Mini Program?

Simply put it, APPs within Wechat, no more download, no more worry about no enough storage.

What does Tecent wants to achieve by launching Mini Program?

Google Play and App store bring in billions for their companies. However when the competition between mobile operating systems become stable, what is more important for users are not the apps they use, instead of whether it’s Andriod or IOs.

Wechat is one of the most used APPs in the world. Personally, I do believe that Mini Program is Tencent starting a new market segment, which is In-App App store.

Moreover, the launch of Mini Program complete Wechat’s own business circle. Now Wechat’s main function including Marketing, sales, payment and customer support. With the help of crowd based Mini Program, the business circle of Wechat will be much more comprehensive in near future.

Do I need professional developing team for Mini Program

Yes, you will need professional HTML5 developers.

Which also means there will be more demand for front end developers, in case you want to learn something new and work in China.


Is Wechat Mini Program safe?

All Mini Program need to be develop under Tecent regulation, and approved by Wechat inhouse team, in order to launch.

For now, Mini Program only have access to users’ Wechat ID, profile photo, and gender. Mini Program cannot be redirect to external URL, there’s no interaction between Mini Programs either.

So the real question is, is Wechat safe?


Why can’t I find my favourite APP in Wechat Mini Program

It’s just the starting point for Wechat Mini program.

So far only very few Mini Programs are available, including: photo editing, food delivery and Uber-alike MPs.

Why can’t I get access to Mini Program ?

Make sure you download the newest update, some users claim that the language of the operating system has to be Chinese in order to activate MP.

How to delete Wechat Mini Program?

Discovery > Mini Program > MP lists > swipe right on the ones you want to delete > click on the red delete button that appears on the right.


Can I use Wechat Mini Program and chat at the same time?

Yes! Click on the 3 dots that appears on upper right corner of the MP page > choose ‘Show on top of chats’


When will fuzzy search available oWechat Mini Program?

No Idea! But there aren’t that many MPs to choose from either.


Will Wechat Mini Program send notification to users?


MPs cannot be shared on Feed, only individual chat. No popup notifications either, so unless you went looking for it, MP won’t make a sound

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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