Wechat 101: Functions the can drive traffic to your offline stores

Wechat is the best social media channel when it comes to linking online marketing and offline conversion, helping companies to send it’s over 800 million MAU to offline stores. Many of the Wechat service account’s features are focusing on driving, tracking and engage users with offline facilities.

Some of the ideas are pretty interesting, we can maybe expecting Facebook, Instagram and other channels to have features that focus on the same area soon. Here are some of the most interesting features  a Wechat service account can offer:



‘Coupon is one of the main features on Wechat that focuses on conversions. Once users started to follow a brand’s Wechat account, they could receive incentives that encourage them to shop.

Incentives take many different forms, from coupon, groupon, to movie tickets, membership bonus, flight tickets, red envelops/money and much more.

Wechat also utilised it’s social nature on a recent update, created a new type of coupon named ‘Friend’s coupon’. For example, Peter used a Friend’s coupon from McDonald, after, and only after using it, he can share it on Wechat where his Wechat friends would be able to find the same coupon and use it and share to their friends. Right now Friend’s coupon is strictly offline.

Membership card is also a great way to not only driven traffic but as a CRM tool. Once user started to follow a brand account, they could receive a membership card with bar code or QR code that can be scanned offline. Imagine your Target membership card can be accessed with your Facebook account.


Wechat users can get access to any store’s wifi connection when visiting offline stores, it’s like Starbucks only that you will receive customised welcome messages and offers on Wechat when you follow the store’s Wechat account


Now you can encrypt product specific info, unique messages and more into each item’s EAN code for Wechat users to scan.

An application can be that, during Chinese New Year 2017, Alipay gives out a red envelop that contains 200 million RMB for winners that can collect 5 different cards from New Year posters, which is everywhere during the festival period. Over 200 million participants were able to collect all 5 cards and share the big red envelope.


Wechat allows companies to list the address of their stores, as well as the offers and promotion infos in that store.


Last but not least, Wechat developed a customer support interface for companies to provide services on it’s Service account. The features allows up to 99 agents to be connected through their own Wechat account, and a well developed interface to help each incoming tickets.

Wechat can also be integrated with Zendesk, one of the biggest customer support solution provider.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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