Wechat Marketing 101: Increase Store Sales With Wechat

Wechat’s attempt of assisting and driving store visit begun long before Facebook’s Store Visits objective.

The App has strong commercial focus since the very beginning when people started to sell stuff through Moment.

And soon became the favourite of many local businesses.

Which makes it easy to understand…

Why many of Wechat Official Account’s features are designed to drive, track and engage it’s 800 million monthly active users to offline stores.

In this post I will explain each Wechat store functions after a quick comparison with Facebook Store Visit.

Wechat Store functions VS. Facebook Store Visit

In short,

Facebook Store Visit is normal Facebook campaigns tilt to suit the need of multi-location businesses. The core is still Facebook paid ads.

Wechat Store functions, on the other hand, is designed base on customers and store interaction.

The functions are not as data focused, which is the same as Wechat paid advertising. I bet the lack of data will limit a handful social media marketing professions from the West.

But when working with both main stream social media and Chinese social media, the different mind set and how it reflect on the final products never fail to amaze me!

It is true that rich data makes the job easy, but please always remember: Data is not the only right answer.


How Wechat store functions help driven sales


Wechat Store Coupon & Membership Card

Coupon is the prominent tool for driven conversions.

Coupon works both for Wechat online shops and offline stores.

It can be attached and issued from push up post, message auto reply, keyword reply, menu, Moment and more.

When using Wechat Coupon in offline stores, there are 3 ways to write off in store:

  1. Sales assistant in store Scar QR code
  2. Sales assistant provide password
  3. Customers write off self


Wechat also utilised it’s huge user base to create a social based coupon Friend’s coupon.

For example, Peter used a Friend’s coupon from McDonald, after using it, the coupon will automatically appear under his friend’s Wechat Coupon menu. So Peter’s friend would be able to use the same coupon.

Friend’s coupon is strictly for offline stores only.

It is possible to design a membership program on Wechat. Carefour has one and it works well.

Once user started to follow a brand account, they will receive a membership card with QR code, when shopping offline, the sales assistant will scan QR code to registe the purchase.

Wechat provides a tool that allows businesses to design a comprehensive membership program.

One issue that many companies ran into is to integrate Wechat membership system with their existing one. So if you start from scratch, it is easier to use Wechat membership tool.

Wechat Store WIFI

Wechat users that follow the business’ Wechat OA, can get connection to the offline store’s wifi when visiting.

How it works is,

When customers walk inside a shop, they will receive a customised welcome messages and special offers, while get connected to the store’s WIFI automatically.

Wechat Store Product Scan

Now you can encrypt info, unique messages and more into each item’s EAN code for Wechat users to scan. 

This create so many possibilities for creative campaigns:

During Chinese New Year 2017, Alipay gives out a red envelop that contains 200 million RMB for winners that can collect 5 different cards from New Year posters (A red poster set, normally consist of 3 pieces, every Chinese household put up on their door during Spring Festival), it is everywhere during the festival period.

Over 200 million participants were able to collect all 5 cards and share the big red envelope.

Wechat Store location

Same as Facebook location, Wechat store location allows multi location businesses to work with Wechat marketing.

Unlike Facebook, there is no separate store page for each location, however business owners can upload informations including:

  1. Address
  2. Opening time
  3. Description
  4. Contact info
  5. Average price per purchase
  6. And more

Location info can be used for sending out coupon, nearby store search and more

Wechat Store Customer support

Last but not least, Wechat customer support interface.

The features allows up to 99 agents to be connected through their own Wechat account, and a well developed interface to help each incoming tickets.

This is probably Tencent’s answer to Zendesk. Funny enough, it is also possible to integrate Wechat to Zendesk, so each message received in Wechat OA will become a ticket in Zendesk.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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