Wechat Management: Mange Community on Wechat Official Account

We are all social media people, we all do community management

I’m sure you know a million ways to make the followers more engaged on Facebook, or Instagram.

Let’s talk about how community management looks like on Wechat Official Account.

Is Wechat the worst social media channel for community management and engagement? 

Personally I think yes!

Unlike Instagram, Weibo, or Facebook, Wechat is a private circle. Which is to say that, the common engagement events like Giveaway and Contests do not have the same impact as it is on open social media channels.

Instagram giveaway can give the post a big boost in likes and comments, and hosting a Facebook contest will give increase the reach of the content.

But when it comes to Wechat, the same idea becomes difficult to implement. For instance:

Let’s say we are holding a giveaway to encourage followers to share one Wechat post in their moment, there’s simply no way that you can verify whether the followers really shared it of not.

The traditional method is that followers will send a screenshot of sharing the post on Moment, but there’s no way to know whether they only post it to themselves, or if they gonna delete the content right after taking the screenshot.

Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not saying ‘share’ on Wechat don’t give secondary exposure, but the result is impossible to track. For most marketing professions, the sad truth is: no tracking = no KPI.

Moreover, Wechat has strict policy when it comes to incentive driven sharing, many accounts are banned because of such acts.

Because of the above mentioned reason, to management the community on Wechat Official Account is a lot different than how you would go about with Instagram or Weibo.


Best practice of Contest and Giveaway on Wechat OA community

Contest and Giveaway are very popular in Chinese social media marketing, and super efficient when it comes to engagement.

However, as we discussed above, Wechat’s nature limited the secondary spreading of ‘sharing’, so a twist on the rules is needed.

And the answer:

Top ranking comments

Users can leave comments for each posts, account owner then decide which comments can appear on the public comment section.

For each comment, account owners can leave one comment as reply, other users can only ‘like’ the comment. Comments with the most likes will rank on top of the comment section.

If you are wondering how many people would read the comment section, the answer is, everyone who read through the posts. Because comments represent different opinions, most of the time it is more interesting than the post itself.

The quality of comments reflect the quality of the post and the followers of the OA.

Thus, one common practice of contest and giveaway is to engage followers to common under the post, the ones with top likes receive the prize.

So far this is the most practical method for host contest and prize on Wechat OAs.


Moreover, Wechat release Pinned Comment not too long ago. It allows the owners to:

  •  Add complementary informations, or correct mistakes in the post
  •  To add commercial information without compromising the content
  •  To encourage actions
  •  A new way to encourage engagement


If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message


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