Wechat 101: Add external links to your Wechat posts

Your Facebook followers can become your customers, your Wechat followers too, if you know how to drive them to your website.

Apart from ‘view original’, you won’t see much of hyperlinks on Wechat. It is because Wechat is trying to provide a clean visual layout. However, there are different alternatives to add links in your Wechat posts.

What do you need in order to add link on Wechat

  1. Link to previously published posts
    If you want to add links to posts you’ve published before, you will need to be invited to use the ‘Original content declaration function’. To understand how to enable the function, you can check out my previous post: What is Wechat ‘Original content declaration function’ and why do you need it 
  2. Link to external URL
    Accounts can add external URL in the posts, when Wechat Payment is enable.
    Since Wechat payment can only be enabled for verified account, most of the subscription accounts won’t be able to add Wechat Paymeny to their account.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message



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