Wechat 101: Add external links to your Wechat posts

As someone coming from an Ecommerce background, drive traffic and conversion is always my goal.

So today we are gonna talk about how to drive traffic from Wechat, more specifically, how to add external links.

Where to add external links on Wechat Official Account

View Original

View Original is on the left bottom of each push up post, where you can add an external URL.

This used to be the only place where you can add external links on Wechat. Also the place influencers link to the brand website.


Link to previously published posts

Link to past posts is always a good idea doesn’t matter if it’s blog or wechat.

In order to be able to link back on Wechat official account, the account needs to be invited for the Original Content Declaration.

To learn more about Original Content Declaration, check out my previous post:  Wechat Official Account: How To Enable Comment Function


Link to external URL

Few lucky Official Accounts can add external URL in their posts. This only happens when Wechat Payment is enabled.

Wechat Payment is only available for verified account, require Chinese business license and Chinese bank account.

Wechat Europe assist foreign companies to create Wechat account, the service itself is free, however perspective clients are requested to purchase 20 000 GBP worth of paid advertising once the account is established.


Before you link …

  • Tencent and Alibaba are blocking each other, so Wechat cannot redirect to Taobao or Tmall.
  • When adding external link to a website without the ICP licence, it might not work.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message



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