About me

If your work is about selling something, I’m sure that you have at least once thought about entering the Chinese market.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because of the insane sales number on ‘Singels day’; Or because your products are selling for a much higher price on Taobao by people that are not your retailers. With extraordinary logistic infrastructure, convince payment methods, and a passion for shopping online. China is no doubt the hottest market for any company to enter.

But the Chinese online marketing landscape is also tricky to navigate, as you might know already: Google, Facebook, Instagram and everything else all failed. Instead, an amazing social media eco-system has been developed, it is different, and just as magnificent.

When I started to work with social media marketing, I realise how few information there is available online when it comes to the Chinese social media world, so I decided to document and share what I’ve learnt inside the Great Fire Wall, hoping someday we can WOW down this wall together.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about my blog posts, you can also ask me for suggestions specifically designed for your own business.

The fastest way to contact me is via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message.

Thank you very much for your support!

Stockholm, Sweden


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