Weibo influencer marketing: Calculate ROI of influencers campaign

This is probably the most valuable article I’ve post on this blog.

Today I will talk about how to calculate the ROI of social media influencer marketing on Weibo.

Influencer marketing is not a new thing, but there’s few method on how to correctly tracking and evaluating the campaign performance.

What I’m going to share with you today, is probably the most efficient way of tracking influencer marketing performance. It is possible to calculate across platforms and do not require extra data.

Take out your notebook and pen, let’s go!

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Wechat Influencer Marketing 101: How Much Does It Cost?

How much, really?!

For you marketers out there, I have a bad news:

Chinese influencers are pretty expensive.

But they also delivers.

For example: In July, 2017 Mini Cooper collaborated with a top Chinese influencer Becka to launch it’s limited edition blue color. Becka promoted with 3 posts on her Wechat OA, and sold 100 cars within 4 minutes.

In this post I’m gonna explain why they are expensive, what are the market price and other costs for doing Wechat influencer marketing.

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Wechat Marketing 101: Spot Fake Wechat Influencers in 1mins

On the 29th of Sep, 2016, Wechat performed system upgrade.

Results in the failure of fake follower bots. Many Wechat official accounts, including TripAdvisor, suffered a dramatic decrease on that day’s page views.

Other Wechat official accounts choose to not post on that day, instead posting medias like Video, pictures, which does not show page views. Or simply not updating on that day.

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Wechat Marketing 101: Find Affordable Wechat Influencer

I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousand of Chinese influencers.

The price varies depends on the collaboration, the brand and the influencer per se.

But one thing is for sure, Wechat influencers are more expensive than influencers on other social media channels.

Today I’m going to show you how I find affordable and effective Wechat influencers.

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