7 Best Chinese Social Media Channel For Marketing in 2017

Chinese social media 2017 - wow down this wall

When it comes to Chinese social media marketing, I’m sure you’ve heard about Wechat, Weibo a thousand times.

But if you’re wondering how social media in China really looks like in 2017, what are the best marketing strategy to success on Chinese social Media? Then this one is for you.

I’ve summarized the major social channels and how brands use the channels to tap into the Chinese market:

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Weibo influencer marketing: Calculate ROI of influencers campaign

This is probably the most valuable article I’ve post on this blog.

Today I will talk about how to calculate the ROI of social media influencer marketing on Weibo.

Influencer marketing is not a new thing, but there’s few method on how to correctly tracking and evaluating the campaign performance.

What I’m going to share with you today, is probably the most efficient way of tracking influencer marketing performance. It is possible to calculate across platforms and do not require extra data.

Take out your notebook and pen, let’s go!

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Wechat Marketing 101: Increase Store Sales With Wechat

Wechat’s attempt of assisting and driving store visit begun long before Facebook’s Store Visits objective.

The App has strong commercial focus since the very beginning when people started to sell stuff through Moment.

And soon became the favourite of many local businesses.

Which makes it easy to understand…

Why many of Wechat Official Account’s features are designed to drive, track and engage it’s 800 million monthly active users to offline stores.

In this post I will explain each Wechat store functions after a quick comparison with Facebook Store Visit.

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