7 Best Chinese Social Media Channel For Marketing in 2017

Chinese social media 2017 - wow down this wall

When it comes to Chinese social media marketing, I’m sure you’ve heard about Wechat, Weibo a thousand times.

But if you’re wondering how social media in China really looks like in 2017, what are the best marketing strategy to success on Chinese social Media? Then this one is for you.

I’ve summarized the major social channels and how brands use the channels to tap into the Chinese market:

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Weibo influencer marketing: Calculate ROI of influencers campaign

This is probably the most valuable article I’ve post on this blog.

Today I will talk about how to calculate the ROI of social media influencer marketing on Weibo.

Influencer marketing is not a new thing, but there’s few method on how to correctly tracking and evaluating the campaign performance.

What I’m going to share with you today, is probably the most efficient way of tracking influencer marketing performance. It is possible to calculate across platforms and do not require extra data.

Take out your notebook and pen, let’s go!

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Weibo Advertising 2017 – A Guide For Weibo Paid Promotion

Let’s talk about money!

Between Wechat’s paid advertising that cost 5-6 euro per new follower acquisition,and Weibo now has more MAU than Twitter. Weibo paid advertising become the best and easiest option for social media paid advertising in China.

Weibo advertising options are a lot like Twitter, you will see a great deal of the similarities if you’ve worked with Facebook’s Power Editor, or Twitter Business before.

This post introduce 3 paid ads options that doesn’t require big marketing budget (Read about how to calculate Weibo Advertising ROI here), and Weibo advertising techniques for you to find the most suitable paid ads options for your business. Continue reading “Weibo Advertising 2017 – A Guide For Weibo Paid Promotion”

Weibo VS Twitter Comparison

What are the differences between Weibo and Twitter

Chinese Twitter equivalence Weibo suppressed Twitter MAU in May, 2017¹

Compare Weibo and Twitter, the general idea and core concept are pretty much the same.

But, Weibo is much more commercial focused. These functions are great for social media marketing experts to better engage with the audience.

Today, I will break down these functionalities to better understand how to do Weibo marketing right.

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3 Chinese social media you need in 2016

3 chinese social media channels 2016

The great fire wall censored most, if not all, main stream social media channels we use on this side of the wall, leaving the market with a bunch of hybrid products that similar to facebook, instagram, etc, yet not exactly. However the unique environment does not make the market any less creative and active. Quite the contrast, there are just as many social media channels with the same speed of technology updating and innovation.

So the question is, which ones should you go with?

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