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Wechat Terminology

Wechat is nothing like other social media channels you are used to, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand what is going on!

I’ve created this Glossary Guide to terms used on this site, use in-page search ( COMMAND + F key ) if you come across a term in my posts and want to know what is actually means.

  • Wechat A mobile based messaging app, similar to WHATSAPP, with 800 million active users, 50% use it for more than 90 mins everyday.
  • Moment The feed where you can see your Wechat contact’s shared posts. Think about Facebook newsfeed
  • Public account/Official account A blog like function on Wechat. In this blog I use the term ‘Public Account’, it has also been referred to as ‘Official account’ or ‘OA’ by others
  • Service account A type of Public account that designed for business use, one can publish 4 times a month
  • Subscription account A type of public account, mostly used by influencers, one can publish 1 time a day
  • Public account functions Public account allows you to do some pretty cool stuff, for example drive traffic to your offline store, read more here

  • QR code Every Wechat account, both the messaging account and public account has an assigned QR code, when scan with Wechat app it direct you to the account
  • Mini Program Wechat’s in-app APP Store, it supports rather simple apps, and do not need to download to use, read more about it here and how to enable it for the first time
  • Wechat Payment Mobile payment method, when integrated to Public account, it works as the bank account to receive money from Wechat e-commerce platforms.
  • Wechat E-commerce  Wechat Public account support e-commerce platforms, allow users to sell and purchase products in-app, read more about the different setups here

  • Wechat paid advertising Similar as other social media channels, Wechat also has paid advertising, read here for more information
  • Influencers Wechat influencers are more like bloggers than Instagram influencers, which is to say that they focus on long text post then visual content. You can read about the following:
  • Original content declaration A function that allows comments, repost and more, you can only been invited by Wechat to enable this function, read more here
  • Page view The most important KPI for Wechat marketing, it shows how many people read your post

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me via Twitter , or go to consulting page to drop me a message