When I started working with Chinese social media marketing, I couldn’t find any useful information in English, there still isn’t. So I decided to share my learning and experiences here.

Over time I’ve received many questions and it has always been an interesting learning experience for me to answer the question.

So I think it is necessary to make it easier for you guys to reach me:

As reader of WDTW, you are welcome to drop me a message about issues and challenges you are facing.

This can be done through Contact Form, Tweeter, or comment section on the blog.

But I’m not running consulting service here, I don’t charge any money to answer your questions.

In exchange, you are welcome to repost or share my content on social media, this will motivate me to produce more content and better assist you guys.

Thanks in advance!

You can ask me questions regarding the following areas:

  • What Chinese social media channels suits my business
  • How to setup and verify social media accounts
  • Tips about manage a company’s social media presents in China
  • Which Ecommerce platform should I use
  • Kick-start with influencer marketing
  • Local agency recommendations
  • Dos and Don’ts of social media marketing in China
  • Any questions


You can reach me at