Wechat Marketing 101: Spot Fake Wechat Influencers in 1mins

On the 29th of Sep, 2016, Wechat performed system upgrade.

Results in the failure of fake follower bots. Many Wechat official accounts, including TripAdvisor, suffered a dramatic decrease on that day’s page views.

Other Wechat official accounts choose to not post on that day, instead posting medias like Video, pictures, which does not show page views. Or simply not updating on that day.

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Wechat Marketing 101: 3 Types of Wechat Store Setup

The first time I tried to understand Wechat store setup, I was confused!

The second time, too!

To save you from the confusion, I will explain the different Wechat e-commerce platforms, and a quick checklist to find the most suitable Wechat store solution for you!

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Wechat Marketing 101: Find Affordable Wechat Influencer

I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousand of Chinese influencers.

The price varies depends on the collaboration, the brand and the influencer per se.

But one thing is for sure, Wechat influencers are more expensive than influencers on other social media channels.

Today I’m going to show you how I find affordable and effective Wechat influencers.

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Weibo Advertising 2017 – A Guide For Weibo Paid Promotion

Let’s talk about money!

Between Wechat’s paid advertising that cost 5-6 euro per new follower acquisition,and Weibo now has more MAU than Twitter. Weibo paid advertising become the best and easiest option for social media paid advertising in China.

Weibo advertising options are a lot like Twitter, you will see a great deal of the similarities if you’ve worked with Facebook’s Power Editor, or Twitter Business before.

This post introduce 3 paid ads options that doesn’t require big marketing budget (Read about how to calculate Weibo Advertising ROI here), and Weibo advertising techniques for you to find the most suitable paid ads options for your business. Continue reading “Weibo Advertising 2017 – A Guide For Weibo Paid Promotion”

Weibo VS Twitter Comparison

What are the differences between Weibo and Twitter

Chinese Twitter equivalence Weibo suppressed Twitter MAU in May, 2017¹

Compare Weibo and Twitter, the general idea and core concept are pretty much the same.

But, Weibo is much more commercial focused. These functions are great for social media marketing experts to better engage with the audience.

Today, I will break down these functionalities to better understand how to do Weibo marketing right.

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