Wechat Mini Program: Active It For The First Time

The most exciting news for 2017 in the China social media world is Wechat’s Mini Program.

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Wechat Ads 101: Wechat banner is now clickable

Wechat’s display ads has always been display only

Until now,

Finally, the banners are clickable now!

Wechat influencers that host these kind of display ads on their OAs are getting paid by click through.

Let’s go through this new major update for Wechat paid advertising.

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3 Chinese social media you need in 2016

3 chinese social media channels 2016

The great fire wall censored most, if not all, main stream social media channels we use on this side of the wall, leaving the market with a bunch of hybrid products that similar to facebook, instagram, etc, yet not exactly. However the unique environment does not make the market any less creative and active. Quite the contrast, there are just as many social media channels with the same speed of technology updating and innovation.

So the question is, which ones should you go with?

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